Super Spark a book that ignites the hero within


Super Spark is a beautifully illustrated children's book that brings a light-hearted approach to some of life's most important lessons. A wise superhero named Super Spark invites children to dream big, believe in the impossible, find self-acceptance, think positively and understand that we are all one. Ultimately, children learn that they are the superhero in their own lives and they can create a life with infinite possibilities.


Traditionally, superheroes possess super powers that children do not have. Super Spark reminds us all that we are the ones who are powerful and truly amazing. The focus shifts from idolizing the hero to empowering the child. It’s time for a new superhero...your own inner hero!

Super Spark will appeal to parents, caregivers and teachers interested in helping children find their own inner power and discover the keys to true happiness. Author Josée Lindsay hopes that Super Spark brings much joy, peace and love to children around the world.

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