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Do you suffer from the I'LL BE HAPPY WHEN disease - The biggest joy killer around (read on for a cure)

  I think this disease is an epidemic. Nobody talks about it, but it’s everywhere. So you’re on a path, the one you thought you should be on, the one that made most sense when you started your journey.  You did all the “right” things, went to school, studied, tried to get good grades, went to university (even if it didn’t interest you), got the job, the 2.2 kids, stayed at home with them or went back to work. You got the house and then the bigger house, the car and then the bigger car (van or SUV) and then...

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An open letter to employers from a stay-at-home mom (returning to work)

(Photo Courtesy Urszula Muntean) Dear employer, I stayed at home with my two boys for a little over eight years after which time I spent two years writing and self-publishing an inspirational book for children. A few months ago I decided that I should perhaps re-enter the job market, be more realistic and get that job like everybody else. I knew there would be a lot of competition to get into a fine organization such as yours and possibly a bit more challenging because of the gap in my CV but I quickly realized the decision I took several years...

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Do you need a 2.0 version of yourself (Lord knows I did)

After four years of working as an author and speaker, I finally created a website named after myself and had the courage to make a few videos to market my book and message. I joke that this new website promotes the 2.0 version of myself.   Photo courtesy Heather Cotton The last version of myself (the person, not the website) was not very confident, often hiding behind my book Super Spark as the author. I also created other tools such as presentations and meditations and hid behind those thinking that they would just have a life of their own. But...

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Breakfast for the Soul

Before I start this story, I should explain the living arrangement with my children. I am separated from their dad. Since he WAS my husband, I have merged the two words and call him my WASband (much better than the word Ex). We get along really well, live in close proximity and have shared custody of our two boys. They spend one week with him, one week with me, alternating back and forth. Ben is a teacher at a school that starts before our children’s school. The weeks he has the children, I go to his house every morning at...

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Are you focused on cheese strings or blessings?

I will always remember a particular afternoon when I picked up my youngest son Ryan from Kindergarten. As usual, I asked him how his day was, but this time his reply was different. He became quite sad; his bottom lip started to quiver and tears began flowing. He said, “I had a really bad day.” As a parent, I was thinking that something really bad had happened here. I responded with, “Oh no! What happened?” With a very shaky voice, he said, “My teacher didn’t let me eat my cheese string!” You have to understand that cheese strings are Ryan’s...

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