Spark your inner greatness!
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School Talks






I use my life experience coupled with my sense of humour and my passion to uplift others to deliver a message that can help students find their own inner power.

I live and present in the Ottawa area but do travel to other school districts.

Read my philosophy behind creating these presentations.




School administrators and teachers are faced with great challenges these days: from stressed and anxious children, to bullying behaviours, to children having low self-confidence (leading to self-harm in extreme cases) and a general lack of compassion for some of the student population.  



Spark their inner greatness! Empower children and youth to accept themselves, follow their heart, think positively and be kind to each other!

Noticing what children were going through today, I used all of my personal development knowledge to create tools that can help children ignite their inner greatness. My presentation and meditations empower children to believe in themselves, to think positively, to live in an attitude of gratitude and, most importantly, help students realize that they can make the world and their school a better place by using kind words and kind actions. Every child wants a safe school and a place where they can be accepted. They will learn that they can make that dream a reality with a simple shift in their outlook. Together we can create a school where Kindness is the new Cool! 


CORE LESSONS INCLUDE (for all grade levels 3-12):

  • Self-acceptance, being yourself and following your heart
  • Appreciation - gratitude for everything
  • The power of positive thinking and dreaming big
  • Empathy and compassion (the importance of being kind)
  • Oneness (peace, harmony, cooperation - we are all in this together)

Particular attention will be placed on the amazing power of kindness. Students will discover how being kind can have a positive impact on their own lives as well as on others around them and that together, we really can make the world a better place.


During the presentation, students will also be introduced to a powerful Compassion and Loving Kindness Meditation which ignites peace and compassion from within.



With the help of overhead slides, I will read my book Super Spark which explores all of the life lessons previously mentioned . CLICK HERE for more information about the book.

Other relevant slides will be used to further explore each life lesson, adapting the message to the appropriate grade level. It’s not just theory, I talk about what really goes on in their life at home and at school (including the school yard) and empowers students to make choices that can create lasting change.


The SPARK for teens (for high schools)

All the life lessons previously mentioned are covered. Instead of a book reading, I talk about keys to true happiness. I acknowledge their challenges in life and explore real issues affecting them today. Teens need a reminder to be true to themselves, to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, to start appreciating what they do have in life and, more than anything, how they show up in the world is far more important than trying to fit in.

Students will be introduced to the compassion meditation to cultivate peace and kindness from within. Very important for teens being bombarded by outside stresses such as issues in school, family issues, financial difficulties, hours spent on video games and social media.They will learn that we are all in this together and that being kind to one another and helping each other is key to a happy life. (An mp3 version of this meditation is include for continued school use.)



"Josée, thank you again for the time you took to deliver your very positive message to our students yesterday.  A positive attitude is an excellent tool to help negotiate the world. The content of your presentation supports well the character education and wellness programs that are delivered in schools in the OCDSB."  Mary Conroy, Principal at Robert Hopkins



  • Three hardcover Super Spark books (for grades 3-8)
  • Two meditations (mp3s) for use in classrooms and assemblies. They include the Compassion and Loving Kindness Meditation from the presentation and the Breath and the Present Moment Meditation. These meditations will be available for all teachers to download on their computers. CLICK HERE for a detailed description of the meditations.


  • $450 (+ HST) / one-hour school presentation (school-wide talks for middle and high schools, grades 3-8 for elementary schools)





A combination of book images and interesting facts and quotes to appeal to older children (teen talks will not have book images):